The project's' main results:

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The innovative element of our project is based on the aim of presenting many ways and options to teachers in order to involve them actively in the education of their pupils. We want to show different forms of teachers’ activities, including good practices in the partner and other countries, and to prepare the training for trainers and training materials for trainers and teachers on how to work with the child. We would like to present innovative educational methods, eg. PBL – Project Based Learning and how they can contribute to PBL.




We invite to the Educational Platform of adult education trainers working with parents of school children.The Educational Platform can also be used for parents' own learning.

The Learning Platform – consists of: 1) Training for trainers 2) Educational tools and materials for trainers and teachers.

The Learning Platform will comprise of two parts. The first part will be the training modules for trainers, which they could use for designing their own training for teachers. The training modules will cover the following topics:

1. Diagnosis of the needs of the child in the area of out-of-school education.
2. Self-analysis as a patent and identifying own skills.
3. Skills of active listening needed to enable the child obtain the skills of solving problems independently.
4. Skills of effective communication with the child and better mutual understanding in different situations.


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