Teachersway project :


Students are usually passive participants at all the educational levels in our traditional learning systems.

Their creativeness is not encouraged, nor are they challenged to think critically and originally.

On completing the process of formal education, they are capable of more or less successfully reproducing the information they learned in the course of their schooling.


The project’s objective is to foster teachers’ ability to actively involve students in the education process by offering different (extra)curricular activities that can be performed out of school, such as home schooling, after school activities and other activities based on non-formal education methods.

During the 26 months long project, the Teachers Way consortium will :

  • Identify and analyse different forms of out-of-school education that can be performed by teachers at school outside the normal class – hours

  • Develop a guideline and training module with tips and recommendation  to help teachers to organize different types of the out-off-school learning activities for their pupils

  • Prepare a learning platform for trainers and teachers used as a depository for the Teachers’ way products and results

  • Promote the use of out-of-school education offered by teachers in the participating schools

   Teachers way project corresponds to the following priorities:


  • Offering a high quality tools for skills and competences. Preparation and testing of a teachers "Toolkit for teachers" and prepare them to be able to organize the numerous out-of-school activities for their children.

  • Extending and developing educators' competences. Equipping and offering a "Learning Platform" used by the adult trainers and educators to prepare the trainings for teachers. So, by implementation of our project the educators' competences will extend and develop. But not only. We will show the educators the good practices in out-of-school activities, which they can organize and offer to their recipients.

  • Sustainable investment, performance and efficiency. Because the organizing of the out-of-school activities for the pupils is the investment into the future of the next generation, their performance and efficiency.

TeachersWay project is based on the needs and recommendations outlines by a number of teachers, teachers’ associations and the public and private organizations working in the field of Adult Education. The important role of teachers, but parents also obviously, in out-of-school education is highlighted in the publication of EACEA — Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency report “The Role of Parents in the Education Systems of the European Union”. To reflect on factors influencing the quality of schooling, this study examined teachers' social participation in education in various countries of the European Union. The premise was that, in practice, teachers participation in education systems makes possible both consistency of education and the cultural enrichment that pupil need.

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